A deep look into how a CTO uses feedback and goals to create the structure necessary for employee growth.
6 min read
Through years of trial and error giving feedback, I finally uncovered the principles that allow me to both fulfill my role and feel supportive of my employees.
7 min read
You can and you will successfully hire a great engineer and emerge a hero! It all starts with one little secret 😉
12 min read
Art is powerful because it connects us with our deepest selves, and through the details we choose to include or omit, they have a point of view. Abstractions similarly afford us limitless opportunity to explore, build, learn, and communicate.
6 min read
Coding is fun! But learning to code is a significant investment of time and maybe money. Naturally, you want to know what you’re going to get out of it.
14 min read
Very early in my career, I was setting up some pressure sensors. The sensors had tiny wires coming off them, which someone had soldered to shielded co-axial cable running back to the data acquisition board/laptop. My task was to fasten the sensors to a frame, which I completed quickly and thoroughly. My boss checked in, complimented my framed sensors, and mentioned that the way the tiny wires connected to the co-ax was too flimsy for our application.
4 min read