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You can and you will successfully hire a great engineer! It all starts with one little secret πŸ˜‰
12 min read
The tools we use both limit and advance our thinking. When we accurately anticipate the future, our progress accelerates because each step is built on top of a previous enabling idea instead of starting from scratch each time.
5 min read
Art is powerful because it connects us with our deepest selves, and through the details we choose to include or omit, they have a point of view. Abstractions similarly afford us limitless opportunity to explore, build, learn, and communicate.
6 min read
Coding is fun! But learning to code is a significant investment of time and maybe money. Naturally, you want to know what you’re going to get out of it.
14 min read
I’ve been setting up Review Apps on Heroku to streamline our product process. Review apps let you automatically spin up new app intance for every github pull request, creating isolated testing environments for each feature. Pretty neat! …in theory. In practice I hit some hurdles. For example, our app relies on shared third party resources and a large postgres data set. In this post I’ll explain how we handle elasticsearch and postgres in our review apps at Ascent.
6 min read