My friend recently asked me “Do you have any advice for encapsulating javascript or how to break an application into files/namespaces? Most of what I see online for javascript is hacky and not about designing for maintainability.” Turns out I do! First of all, you need jasmine and jasmine-jquery. I always thought TDD was a nice but impractical idea until I had an environment with fast tests. At Contour I had 130 jasmine tests (averaging maybe 3 assertions each) running in 500ms.
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I attended the Chicago Ruby Hack Night meetup last tuesday. The theme was IronMQ, a message queue web service. You can post/get/delete messages through a set of super simple HTTP endpoints, and they handle the tricky (or at least boring) stuff like storage, retries, etc. Honestly, I almost didn’t go. I know that exposure to new technologies is good for me, but usually I have a hard time justifying messing around with something that doesn’t relate to a bigger project (be it professional or personal).
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